Meet Heather

No matter if your need is large or small, I hope that my services can bring you some needed assistance and relief!

Heather BellFounder & Principal - Heather’s Helping Hands

Hello, I’m Heather Bell! I grew up in Arlington, VA and have been a resident of Vienna, VA for 17 years now. I’ve enjoyed a 25+ year career as a marketing and business development professional for such companies as America Online, The Nature Conservancy and AARP, and have decided to make a change in my life. Recognizing how many people could use an extra set of hands, I launched Heather’s Helping Hands.

Having given the idea much thought over the years, I was inspired to give it a go when a friend said, “You’ll never guess what I did. I hired a personal assistant service because I just couldn’t keep up with everything. I never thought I would do something like that but I can’t tell you how much it’s helped my stress level!” (Kim Gossage, Attorney, Charlotte, NC)

My goal is to alleviate your burdens, helping you to save time and money and do more of what you want to be doing – whatever that is! Whether it’s keeping up with life’s everyday challenges, being there when you can’t be, or assisting with big plans, purchases or projects, I can help you!