“As the researchers predicted, spending money to save time appeared to reduce time-related stress and increase well-being, while spending on material goods did not have the same effect. ”
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Before you write this off as something only the rich and famous have, think about how nice it would be to have the help of a Personal Assistant for any of these everyday needs:

  • Weekly errands — groceries, prescriptions, dry cleaning, Costco, etc.
  • Shopping – holidays, birthdays, teacher gifts, you name it!
  • Returns – how much money have you wasted because you haven’t made the time to return unwanted items!?
  • Travel planning – we can research flights, accommodations, ground transportation, the sites ….
  • Assistance with entertaining – need help shopping, setting up and/or cleaning up? Let us help!


If you need to go through your “stuff” and don’t know where to start or what to do with it all, we can make this burden much easier!  The Marie Kondo approach of “does this bring you joy,” is sweeping the nation to a great deal of success.  But the truth is that different approaches are effective for different needs and personality types. Here are the ways we can assist you:

  • Help you identify your obstacles and overcome them.
  • Walk you through the “do I really still need this” dilemma and get rid of things without regret.
  • Research items that may be of value and advise on what best to do with them.
  • Measure, take pictures, post items for sale, and manage the sales inquiries and pick up/shipping.
  • Drive car loads to the dump and liberate you of the excess clutter.
  • Arrange for charitable pickups.
  • Do charitable drop offs.


If you’ve ever moved, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort.  We have a lot of experience with this – in fact, it’s how we got started!  Our moving services combine our experience and expertise in the “decluttering & organization” and “property management” services categories. Here are some ways we make moving less of a burden to our clients:

  • Securing estimates from movers and negotiating pricing
  • Scheduling contractors for any work needed – handyman, window cleaners, landscapers, painters, etc.
  • Overseeing project work
  • Packing & unpacking
  • Decluttering and organizing


Whether you own a rental property, or you just need help with service appointments in your primary residence, you can’t always take the time needed to arrange the work and meet the contractor.  Whether you need a plumber, an electrician, a handyman, or anything else, Heather’s Helping Hands will take care of everything you need from scheduling to oversight.


It’s hard to completely relax on vacation if you’re worried about things at home. We will:

  • Water indoor and outdoor plants
  • Bring in mail & packages
  • Tend to pets that are left behind … cats, hamsters, geckos (I can check this box!), fish, etc.
  • Board your dog in Heather’s home – don’t miss my photo gallery!